A Deep Side Production

presented by Sonny Vargas and Miss Cool Cat

The 1st Annual International

Prague Burlesque Festival

March 10th & 11th, 2017, ROYAL, Prague, Czech Republic

Burlesque Jewels in the Golden City

An inspiring festival of variety arts and burlesque, will take place in the Golden City of Prague 2017. A 100 years earlier, Prague used to be one of the richest and most cultural places in Europe, with the biggest film studios at the time, even topping Hollywood. The peak of this era also emerged vaudeville, cabaret and of course burlesque. Later, after years of suffering several occupations and political suppression, the Velvet Revolution brought attention back to Prague again. 2007, Sonny Vargas decided to bring old memories back to live and founded Prague Burlesque, as platform for fresh performing arts. Together with his fiance Miss Cool Cat, they produce a non-competing burlesque happening, which would connect open minded individuals with respect to gender equality.


První mezinárodní ročník

Prague Burlesque Festival

10. - 11. Březen, 2017, ROYAL, Praha, Česká republika

Burleskní klenoty ve zlatém městě

Jsme inspirativním festivalem varietního umění a burlesky, který se bude konat ve zlaté Praze v roce 2017. Před 100 lety patřila Praha k nejbohatším a nejkulturnějším městům v Evropě, měla největší filmové ateliéry dosahujících kvalit Hollywoodu, vrcholnou éru slavil vaudeville, kabaret a samozřejmě i burleska. Díky válečné okupaci a období politické restrikce na sebe Praha v tomto oboru poutá znovu pozornost až dlouho po sametové revoluci. Sonny Vargas a Miss Cool Cat se rozhodli uspořádat nesoutěžní burleskní událost, která propojí nezaujaté, svobodomyslné jedince respektující rovnost pohlaví.



Our burlesque jewels

perle noire


The Mahogany Queen of Burlesque

Burlesque sensation Perle Noire was born to perform. She began singing, dancing and acting as a child when she landed a McDonald’s commercial and a role on the Cosby Show. In 2008, she burst onto the burlesque scene winning the Best Debut category during the annual Burlesque Hall of Fame weekend in Las Vegas. Perle has been named one of the world’s top five burlesque performers by 21st Century Burlesque Magazine three years in a row. After spending several years as a cast member in Dita Von Teese’s popular “Strip, Strip Hooray,” Perle went on to complete a stint in Velvet – a musical at the Sydney Opera House. Perle has performed her signature blend of sultry, athletic and captivating dance in numerous venues throughout the world including the Crowne Casino in Melbourne, The Waltz in Tokyo, Teatro Circo in Madrid and the Koko in London. She has also graced stages in the Tokyo, Milan, Helsinki, Sydney, New York and Vienna. Drawing inspiration from the great Josephine Baker, Perle is also a multi-talented business woman who constantly challenges herself with new ventures including an upcoming line of cosmetics and a series of performance/dance classes known as Perlesque. Fans across the globe clamor for the chance to see this burlesque star light up the stage. Perle is also a gifted instructor and her workshops sell out in a matter of hours. A show with Perle Noire in its lineup is sure to entertain and is not to be missed.

imogen kelly


Australia’s Queen of Burlesque

Imogen Kelly is notoriously known as Australia’s Queen of burlesque and has been making provocative whoopee for a quarter of a century. Imogen holds a BFA in Film and performance (College of Fine Arts 1995), a diploma in Circus Arts (ZACCA- UK 1998), a diploma in film-making (Sydney University 2000) and a degree in directing (National Institute of Dramatic Arts 2002). Imogen is a free-lance performance artist well known for her disembowelling of showgirl genres. She is a pioneer of women’s performance movements in Australia and is globally celebrated for her work. From Moulin Rouge chorus cutie to game show hostess, from peep show work through to doing shows for sheiks, Imogen has experience showgirl life on many levels. Imogen was co-creator of the worlds first all women’s strip club Gurlesque (1999), is the first burlesque performer to be allowed to grid at the Sydney Opera House (2002) and is so loved by The City of Sydney that the city was shut down to allow for her public wedding in front of thousands of onlookers (Sydney Festival 2008). Imogen was crowned World Queen of Burlesque at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas in 2012. She is celebrated as Australia’s Queen of Burlesque for lobbying for legislative changes concerning women’s rights during The Woods Commission in 1994. This allowed for performers of striptease to be classed as entertainers and they could work outside of the red light district. Imogen is a breast cancer survivor, losing both of her breasts in her year as World Queen. She runs her own breast cancer campaign through the Chris Obrien Lifehouse called DUKES UP. It is aimed at restoring women’s confidence after surgery.




The Swiss miss, you’re gonna jodel for more…

Each night when the pale moon sets and the bright star Koko la Douce appears on the scene, people all around the world are wondering: “Who is Koko La Douce?” She is talented just as enigmatic: A sphinx in fishnets. Down to the present day, nobody has revealed the secret of her extraction. Myriads of men addicted to her tried desperately to square the circle and searched for the truth.


Master Of Ceremony, Straight Man, Whiskey Tenor and Tit Singer.

Panama-born Sonny Vargas’ first visit to Las Vegas took place when he was just 11 years of age. Clutching pocket money from his uncle Noriega, he headed to a casino where he saw a performance by the Czech singer, Karel Gott. Sonny immediately knew that he wanted to become a great crooner too. So he decided to move to the Czech Republic and carve a career for himself as a vaudeville show entertainer. You could write whole books about his romantic adventures, and as such his stories have become an integral part of his famous shows.

Guests of honor



producers of the Helsinki Burlesque Festival

Hellsinki Hellcat, Queen of the Firetassels! Mother of Helsinki Burlesque, a keyfigure in the finnish burlesque scene. Performer, educator, visual artist, producer, a force of nature!

2013 and 2014 she has been among the TOP 10 of the 21st Century Burlesque TOP 50 list for European performers. In 2014 she was chosen to be a featured performer for Sublime Boudoir and a presenter at Burlycon. She spent September-october as an artist in recidency of the Finnish New York Cultural Istitute in Brooklyn, NYC. She runs her own monthly show “Pirates Pleasures” in Helsinki Finland on a unique restaurant boat, Wäiski.

She has been featured in numerous magazines ( Helsingin sanomat, Finnish, ELLE..and more) , radio ( Yle, Radio Suomi…and more) and TV in Finland and abroad. A full leght documentary is been filmed of Finnish Burlesque with Bettie as the leading lady ( made by Sydänfilmi, supported by the Finnish Film institute).

Queen of the Firetassels, sanctioned to the art by the Legend herself, Satan´s Angel, THE Queen of the firetassels.

When not performing she is producing the Annual Helsinki Burlesque Festival and the Finnish Burlesque Gala. She is also part of the burlesque troupe Hula Pirates Cabaret and headmistress of Burleskinstituutti. She is a sought-after educator and teacher of burlesquers at many levels since years back.

She has a MA degree in visual arts and works with painting, animation and performance art. She host art events and does performative guided tours to artexhibitons as Leila Halkeama, her artistic alter ego.



ambassador of the Las Vegas Burlesque Hall Of Fame

Neil Kendall has been established on the world wide Burlesque scene since 1990. He is known internationally as an award-winning photographer shooting campaigns for Dita Von Teese who called him ‘’a genuine talent ‘’ He is also unique in his knowledge as a Burlesque Historian. His portable travelling Burlesque Museum based in England is the first of its kind in the world and his highly personal lecture to accompany the museum, ‘100 years of undressing to music’ has played all over Europe and the USA, most recently as guest speaker at Burlycon. In 2015 he was voted onto the board of Directors at the Burlesque Hall of Fame making history as the first non-American to be unanimously elected and is currently ranked at Number 4 in the world on The Burlesque Top 50 non performer listings.








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VIP TICKET: CZK 990.-  [fancy seating]


[max. 10 PEOPLE in private lounge area (balcony), bottle service included]




STANDARD: CZK 1050.-  [normal seating]

VIP: CZK 1850.-  [fancy seating]


[max. 10 PEOPLE in private lounge area (balcony), bottle service included]


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